Reservation Procedure

Opening hours and closing time.

All visitors need to apply for official tour provided by Myoryuji. The tours will be provided every 30 minutes from AM 9:00 to PM 16:30 (In winter season the tour ends at PM 16:00) ※Please check-in ten minute before your reserved time.


1st January and Buddhist memorial service days

Reservation procedure

The reservation can be made only through phone call. Please call us using the number below.

Reservation phone number

The reservation starts 3 months before your visiting date.

The questions and confirmations to be asked by the operators include;

  1. The number of visitors
  2. The number of adults and children (ages of the children)
    * Children of preschool age is not allowed to visit inside the temple for security reasons
  3. Acceptance of the language limitation: Please note and confirm that the tour guide is only provided in Japanese. No other international language guides as well as translation services are available.
  4. Acceptance of a ban of translation: Please confirm and accept that translation is not allowed during the tour even if one of the visitors within the party can understand Japanese and translate into other language.
  5. Means of transportation (ex. By car, bus bike or on foot)
  6. Name of the visitors
  7. Nationality of the visitors

Reservation of the day

You can make a reservation for the tour of the day as long as we have capacity to accept. However, early reservation is strongly recommended in order to avoid inconvenience.

We don’t accept any reservation via e-mail

Admission fee

Adult 1,000yen / Child 700yen


Myoryuji Temple
(Ninja Temple)

1-2-12 Nomachi, Kanazawa 921-8031, Ishikawa Prefecture
Phone 076-241-0888